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Max Jacot

Mars 2019

15.03.2019 - when I die in the dark

14.03.2019 -

13.03.2019 -

12.03.2019 -

black blocks or sweet angels ? I'am a bloody battle of black and white scratches
and I hate paradise believers

11.03.2019 -

just be unafraid .. laugh and scream with the deadfull monsters of the night .. jump down in the bloodlike redwine swimmingpools .. break the glasses in thousand splits out of her beloved fingers and let your face become transparent like my worn out sheets

10.03.2019 - Badenerstrasse

09.03.2019 - ACAB centre de jeunes derrière la gare

08.03.2019 - young men sway sweet in dull doubt

07.03.2019 -

06.03.2019 - gentil petit poisson rouge sournois

[le philosophe nocturne]

05.03.2019 - sous les robes des ponts nagent les silures

04.03.2019 - Regensdorf, Sommer 1980, Angriff auf linke Seite

03.03.2019 - Beauty and I Beast

02.03.2019 -

yellow vests and orange life jackets can be found below your seat
but please note that it's forbidden to show it or wear it
European governments ask you to get drowned in poverty or sea
instead of standing on your feet and claming for life
[installation Endika Mugica au Pavillon Bleu, Lake of Geneva]

01.03.2019 -

I fucked a Stone Woo
it was dressed in Antique clothes
secret words were written in her flesh

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